Volunteer Opportunities

HubCats relies on the time and energy of our dedicated volunteers to coordinate, manage and execute our TNR efforts. We are always open to new volunteers and no prior training or experience is required.

Volunteer Application


Our volunteers span out across different sites around Chelsea to trap the cats for spay/neuter surgery. The trapping is 100% humane and all equipment and supplies are provided. Although patience is often the key, no prior experience is required.


Drivers are needed to transport the cats to and from the holding location and the clinic location for surgery. When a large number of cats are involved.

Recovery Caretakers

As the cats recover from surgery, volunteers monitor their progress, provide food and water and clean the holding area. Ensuring a successful recovery is an integral part of the TNR process.

Colony Caretaker

A colony caretaker is an individual who manages one or more community colonies in the community. The caretaker keeps an eye on the cats—providing food, water and shelter, and emergency medical care.

20160520_155222Fundraising Coordinators

Fundraisers are a great way to obtain financial support while interacting with the local community. We are always looking for new ideas and volunteers to coordinate these efforts.


There is a great deal of coordination behind the scenes that goes into a successful TNR program. Examples include responding to inquiries, managing policies and procedures, coordinating the clinics, website administration, community outreach and the list goes on!

Interested in helping out or learning more?

Contact Us at:

Phone: (857) 776-2287
Email: hubcatschelsea@gmail.com