Welcome to HubCats Chelsea

We are dedicated to promoting the well-being of Chelsea cats by promoting spay/neuter/vaccinations to help reduce cat overpopulation and reduce the number of homeless/stray/feral cats in the city of Chelsea. We are committed to the humane and compassionate treatment of cats.

Fundraiser: Tux’s Bucks for Boo-boos

He was roaming the frozen streets of Chelsea, a young male stray – hungry, homeless, cold – and a horrible gash across his shoulder and chest.  He was running out of time; his wound was old and terribly infected.

However, his luck was about to change!  He looked for his next meal in a HubCats trap, and… bang!  We got him!  A few weeks later, he’s living safe and warm in a home while his wound is healing, and he has a new name: Tux!  Check out his video – he’s happily making friends at the vet’s!

HubCats Chelsea traps cats living on the street in Chelsea, just north of Boston, MA.   We are committed to reducing the number of cats fending for themselves outdoors!  These cats are rarely neutered and their numbers increase every day – we fixed 400 last year!   We also repair their wounds, treat their illnesses, and if friendly, they leave the streets and are adopted into good homes.

Do you support better lives for homeless cats?   Do you want us to be there for cats like Tux?  We’re trying to raise $1500 for the extra veterinary costs of repairing life-threatening injuries – can you help?

To contact us, or find more info:

To donate, please visit: www.youcaring.com/hubcats