Please make a donation today to help the hundreds of kittens living on the streets of Chelsea, MA.

HubCats Chelsea is challenged with helping kittens every day!  This little guy was trapped with his siblings and mother this winter.  We are rescuing kittens year round and we need your help!  For these guys the ending was a happy one, but for the hundreds still living on the streets, things aren’t so certain.

HubCats Chelsea is a volunteer based organization dedicated to helping kittens in the community.  We need money to help buy the necessary supplies(KMR, flea treatment) we need to take care of the kitties,  help get them fixed and we work with our partner organizations to find them loving homes.  Since January 2017 HubCats Chelsea has assisted over 300 cats and kittens and 200 dogs to help make life better for animals in Chelsea.

We are in the thick of kitten season right now.  We are running this fundraiser until July 31 and we need to reach our goal of $1000 by then.  With $1000 we will be able to help 50 kittens get off of the streets of Chelsea and into loving homes.

Make today count and give right now to change the lives of these innocent kittens.

We have set up a Go Fund Me Page to make donating easy:

Please make your donation today!