Meet The Beanie Babies!

img_20161002_154634514 These 5 kittens and their momma were trapped in Chelsea at just 4 weeks old. Their little round bodies reminded their foster mom of beans so they are currently going by the names Garbanzo, Lima, Pinto, Cannellini Adzuki, and Momma Chickpea. They will be spay/neutered next week and ready for adoption through Broken Tail Rescue.

What does it mean to be a Tiny Tiger

What does it mean to be a “Tiny Tiger”. Here are some photos of a group of kittens that came in to Broken Tail Rescue at about 3.5 months of age needing socialization. Some call is deferalizing and I call it “fluff and fold”. You will see that with attentive foster care you can make a difference in the lives of these kittens by teaching them to play, trust and love! The first photo is when they first came in and then the last is before being ready for adoption. You can see the difference. Please consider becoming a foster home today and share this post with your friends.




One Painful Paw

One of HubCats recently trapped Chelsea cats needed one of her deformed toes amputated. She had an awful ingrown claw. The ingrown toenail was the size and shape of a medium sized button. The Vet told us that she had to be in a lot of pain and should feel much better once the amputation heals. She fortunately was trapped by a volunteer and is now spayed, vaccinated, and should be adopted in the future, since she turned out to be friendly, like many of the stray cats in Chelsea. She also had kittens while living in the streets, but sadly since mom was so malnourished and underweight and the kittens were so riddled with fleas and ear-mites, unfortunately not all of them survived. We were able to trap the two surviving kittens, who are feral, and now being socialized and fostered at another volunteer’s home. She is just one example of the many problems cats can have living on their own in the streets. A lot of the time it is much worse than this case. She is one of the lucky ones to be rescued before it was too late for her and the rest of her kittens.

Update on Gus a Chelsea Cat in foster care


It has been a challenging week for sweet little Gus. He was at the vet for two days and nights because he got 6 teeth pulled – and he was neutered! Gus is currently on Clavimox (an antibiotic), lysine and forti-flora (probiotics), and his pain medication. He is a trooper!
Once Gus recovers from surgery, his mouth should feel much better. Blood work confirmed that Gus is felv+ and I am uncertain if it presented any new findings. Brit (from MRFRS/Salisbury, MA) might have more current medical info on Gus.
It is clear to me that our little boy is very sweet – and also hurt, scared and lacking confidence.
We are working to fatten him up with the best food possible. He loves Fancy Feast broths because his mouth still hurts.