Meet The Beanie Babies!

img_20161002_154634514 These 5 kittens and their momma were trapped in Chelsea at just 4 weeks old. Their little round bodies reminded their foster mom of beans so they are currently going by the names Garbanzo, Lima, Pinto, Cannellini Adzuki, and Momma Chickpea. They will be spay/neutered next week and ready for adoption through Broken Tail Rescue.

Dasher and Bullet

dasher-bullet_day1 We got off to a rough start when the most skittish of our rescue kittens, Dasher, immediately escaped somehow from our crate and proceeded to hide for days. The boy, Bullet, cried incessantly when she got out and we couldn’t catch her. So we let him out too – and got a real good lesson in why crate training is so important. Because they were out, it took us a lot longer to get these guys used to being held by people. Word to the wise – crate train your babies!!
dasher-groupBoth Dasher and Bullet have since become so bonded with our other cats and our cats to them (especially the younger ones) that we have decided to keep them. Part of our tribe consists of two abused rescues from a very bad hoarding situation in Worcester who we took in January. They were getting on the road to getting socialized and past their trauma but it was slow going. Surprisingly, bringing in Dasher and Bullet turned out to be a huge rehabilitative step for them. Although the Worcesterbullet-dasher-group rescues are both males, they immediately adopted the two kittens as if they were their moms and completely took them under their wing. It was a great thing for both parties – everybody is now much more happy and relaxed. Our 6 year old Simon (also originally from the streets of Chelsea) adores the new kittens also and loves playing with them. We have a wonderful social group!
It’s very common to be sitting on the couch and have a pile of cats next to us, with Dasher and Bullet in the middle of the mix.  We adore them and are so happy to have given them a good home.